Design Strategies: Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up

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  • This approach lends itself to most projects, and doesn’t require a specific kind of team or breakdown
  • It allows large teams to split themselves amongst subsystems
  • Due to definite inputs and outputs of each subsystem, combining them is simplified
  • It encourages object-oriented programming (OOP) via encapsulation
  • It is still very successful for functional programming
  • It works very well for small projects, by laying out specific ‘tasks’ to be done.
  • Easy to maintain, because of this subsystem partitioning Forex Revolution Of A Position

  • It is difficult to guarantee that the initial design adequately models the desired system
  • It is tougher to do testing, as a large portion of the design must be done first
  • On a large projects, reduntant code may become an issue

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  • This approach allows teams to code functioning sub-systems quickly
  • Testing can be done early and often, as first-level systems are defined first
  • It encourages and leads to reusable code
  • Pre-existing code is simpler to incorporate and test I Will Teach To Trade On Forex

  • Without some forethought, modules may be difficult to link together
  • The resulting system may be tangled and difficult to maintain
  • Without an overarching design, it can be difficult to define specific functionality for each module

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