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Over the last several months at least two people have asked me to suggest a podcast to them and as everyone hates soccer and people talking about soccer on podcasts I don’t have any suggestions for anyone who isn’t me. I was looking for a new one myself when I kept seeing Patton Oswalt mention Walking The Room with Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony. If you know those names you might be skeptical. The last thing I saw Greg Behrendt do was a daytime self-help talk show, which is fine. But his book turned into a movie featuring Justin Long and that’s just unacceptable. As for Dave Anthony, well, I’d heard his name once after Brian Posehn told everyone to follow him on Twitter. But if Patton Oswalt is saying something is funny its probably funny and, as it turns out, its fucking hilarious.

Now it may not be for everyone. The show is a bit of a disaster. I love that though. Its the two of them sitting in a closet in Dave’s house making fun of each other and having conversations that would probably happen even if no one were listening and they’re pretty sure no one is. I mean, sort of. They know people like the show but they can’t figure out why.

So if two guys in their 40s sitting in a closet talking shit about orange thieves, juggalos and more than anything, themselves, sounds like your idea of a good time(it should), go download it. Its available on iTunes and new episodes are posted every Monday. You can follow the show on Tumblr as well as on Twitter @WalkingTheRoom. Greg can be found at @RippedlikeJesus and Dave at @DaveAnthony.

I apologize in advance.

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