Minecraft Landscape

At the Edge of the World, the Minecraft Begins

You wake up. Bathed in sunlight, you find yourself in a strange field in a strange land. You look down and notice you have none of your belongings. Peering around reveals rolling hills, towering mountains, and some sort of water. Blocky livestock roam free. Not the slightest sign of another human being. Cautiously, you peer into a nearby crevice. It’s dark, but you can hear a faint hiss and catch a glimpse of something moving in the shadows. It’s then you realize you’ll have to survive only on with your wits, a small pouch, and your tiny fists. Get to work. This is no game; this is Minecraft.

Surviving the first night is the only thing on your mind right now. You take stock of your items and abilities.

  • WASD: Movement
  • Space: Jump
  • Sneak: Left Shift
  • Drop Item: Q
  • Inventory: I
  • Select Active Item: 1-9, Scroll Wheel
  • Punch Things, Use Active Tool, Mine: Left Mouse
  • Place Active block/item: Right Mouse
  • Interact With Placed Item: RIght Mouse

You’ve always been a DIY handyman, and thinking back, you remember how to construct a number of potentially useful items with the resources available . It’s like a Crafting recipe list that would be helpful to always have on hand, printed or in a tab, if this were a game. The two most important things for survival are shelter and fire. Shelter can be built out of anything, but fire is going to require some wood and some coal. You come up with a game plan.

Minecraft Block Identification Chart

Minecraft Block Identification Chart. source

  1. Punch some trees. Just run right up and pound your knuckles against the trunk. Hold down left mouse for a continuous barrage of fist fury. You’ll notice cracks growing from the center outward, and eventually the trunk block crumbles. A tiny log cube will appear that you can pick up, simply by being near it. Finish the entire trunk. Continue being a big lumberjack and destroy two or three trees. Later you can use an axe.
  2. Logs are unwieldy and of limited use, so make some planks. Open up your inventory and drag the pile of logs into the craft window. A stack of planks show up in the output. Left click on the planks to pick them up. Notice how a new stack shows up as long as there’s logs in the grid; you can keep left clicking to pick more up instead of dragging each output stack individually.
  3. These conditions are terrible, so you decide it’s time for a workbench to access 3×3 crafting. Pick up the stack of wood and right click to place one block in each space on the crafting grid. When you want to place the bench, put it in an active item slot, select it, and right click somewhere on the ground, but not yet! To use it once placed, right click it. If you ever want to move it, punch it until it “breaks”.
  4. Run to the hills. You’re going to need coal. If you’re lucky, you’ll see some on the surface of a mountain among the rock. If, after a bit of looking, you don’t find any, just pick a nice spot at the foot of the mountain. Set up shop. Punch some ground elsewhere for materials and build yourself a little hut, making sure you have some extra blocks. Inside, place the workbench and open it up. Make a few sticks and then a wooden pickaxe. If you have some wood left over, consider a 2×1 size door for your hut so you can see outside; otherwise you have to completely wall yourself in at night for safety.
  5. Mine away. Select the pick and bash the rock or coal. When you get three rocks, you can build a better rock pickaxe that won’t wear out as fast. You can also use rock to build a sword for defense. Hopefully by this point, you have some coal. Monsters spawn in the dark. Bring light into the world with torches, which last forever. Light up the inside of your hut, and if you can, put a few outside so you can find the place again more easily if you should perish.
  6. Go nuts. At this point, you’ve got yourself a safe-haven and can do as you please. During the day, it’s good to harvest lumber, plant crops, kill pigs food, and explore. At night, stay inside and work on the mine. The deeper you go, the more likely you are to find precious iron, gold, diamond, and more. Don’t ever dig straight up or straight down though; hidden caves and loose gravel will be your end. Build a furnace to refine all the ore you’ll find. Craft a chest for storage of resources and think about what fantastic structure or system you want to build.

Most importantly, be creative.